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Strategic Advisory
 - We carry out top-notch consultancy and essential research that makes an actual contribution in strategic decision making.

There are a wide range of issues that need to be considered when expanding into overseas market. On the other hand, there is no amount of time that will suffice for all-round information gathering. Therefore, it is necessary to identify and define critical issues according to the content and context of the business, the strategic hypothesis, and the specific situation the company is in.


In general, survey data in Southeast Asia (ASEAN) is not quite abundant, both in terms of govermental statistics and private surveys. In some cases, they do not accurately reflect the actual situation, as a result, it can lead to unrealistic decision-making by management.


Our policy is not to rely solely on desktop surveys, but to visit the field to gather information as well as discussing with local business owners/professionals in order to present suggestions that directly relate to management decision-making. This is because it is the best solution in practice to avoid ending up with "strategy" without primary information.


We do not conduct paperworks in a passive manner, but take a objective-driven approach that calculates backward from the implementation of strategies. We believe that this is the only one approach of consulting which responds to our clients' requests with tangible results.

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