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Regarding M&A throughout the ASEAN region, we provide information on various seminars, practical knowledge, etc. through e-mail newsletters.


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- Latest News -


Press release on the capital alliance with Choco Card Enterprise by TechMatrix, which we advised, has been posted.

Click here for details.


Press release on the acquisition of shares in Plic Corp. by Fuyo General Lease, which we advised, has been posted.

Click here for details.


[Notice] Webinar "Reconsideration of Overseas Strategy of Japanese Companies - Strategic Perspectives and Practical Points to Consider for Utilizing M&A in ASEAN -" will be held on October 7th (Thursday) from 16:00 to 17:00 Japan time.

For more details, please click here.


Regarding the implementation of the "Survey Questionnaire on Japanese Companies' Expansion into Southeast Asia and M&A Trends"

KCP is now carrying out the "Questionnaire on Surveys on Trends in Expansion into Southeast Asia and M&A of Japanese Companies". 


Held the first forum of "Consortium for Promotion of Overseas Expansion of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises"

On June 17th, 2021, we held the first forum of "Consortium for Promotion of Overseas Expansion of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises". Nearly 60 people from 15 reginal banks and second regional banks and Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry joined the forum.
Click here for detail.


About the establishment of "Consortium for Promotion of Overseas Expansion of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises"

We are pleased to announce the establishment of the "Consortium for Promotion of Overseas Expansion of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises" with Japanese regional banks, second regional banks, and credit unions. The purpose of this consortium is to promote the overseas expansion of small and medium-sized enterprises in Japan, and to expand and strengthen the overseas expansion support system.
Click here for details.


Our survey "Improvement of management capability of Japanese companies' overseas business" for METI (Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) has been released to the public.

Our company has completed and published the report of the commissioned survey by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, titled 'Survey on the Actual Situation for improving the Management Competence of Overseas Local Subsidies' For more details, please click here.
Click here for details.


Update of "Other track record" page 

Click here for more information.  


Held a Webinar “Forefront of Southeast Asian Business - Opportunities and Challenges” with Maritime Bank in Vietnam

On March 18th, 2021, KCP held a webinar “Forefront of Southeast Asian Business - Opportunities and Challenges-” with our alliance partner, Mr. Tan and Mr. Takehara, FDI department of Maritime Bank in Vietnam. Click here for more information.  


Webinar “Business Perspectives in South East Asia in 2021” with iRader (IndoSterling Group) in Indonesia

On December 17th, 2020, KCP held a webinar “Business Perspectives in South East Asia in 2021-Business Opportunity by M&A and JV-” with our alliance partner Mr. Erik Budiman, iRadar Director & Co-Founder. About 100 people from Thailand, Indonesia and Japan attended our webinar. Click here for more information.  


Collaboration between FOMM and Banpu Plc, one of the Thailand's energy giants, which we supported 20 Million USD fundraising, were featured in Thailand's Bangkok Post.

Banpu is a leading energy company in Thailand and is actively investing in clean energy. You can see the article of Bangkok Post here . FOMM is developer and manufacturer of  compact electric vehicle (EV), and plans to start sales activities of "FOMM ONE" in Japanese market by the end of December 2020, which has been already launched in Thailand previously. 


We invited Mr. Jaren Siew, CEO of Thai Telemedicine Startup "Doctor Raksa", to hold a webinar "New Era of Southeast Asian Business-Management Reform and Innovation-".

Our client, Dr. Raksa Co., Ltd., is a medical startup based in Thailand, and currently has a market share more than 90% in the Thai market, with an investment around 5 million USD from Bumrungrad International Hospital, a major Thai medical corporation. The talk session with our Managing Partner was appreciated by various people including major financial institutions and medical personnel in Japan and several countries in ASEAN region. 


Seminar "Business Strategy after COVID-19"

On Friday, June 26th, 2020, KCP has held a seminar "Business Strategy after COVID-19-Making the Most of M&A -" at Rajanakarn Building in Bangkok, Thailand. We had more than 50 people attending this seminar, including business managers in Thailand, Japanese financial institutions, and others. Click here for the materials used in the seminar.


Our Managing Partner took the stage at the study session for Japanese regional banks about foreign business expansion strategy.

This study session was attended by Mr. Toshihiro Takeshita, a partner attorney at Nishimura & Asahi, Mr. Toshihiro Toyoshima, CEO of Mercuria Investment Co., Ltd., and Mr. Kusumoto, our Managing Partner at our firm. This seminar was held on the theme of "The role of regional banks in the Glocal era-Quality overseas expansion-" for visitors centered on the people. You can see the timetable of the day from here .


Website renewal

In 2020, KCP celebrates its 10th anniversary. We have renewed our corporate website to reflect the current service/support contents. In the future, we will send a variety of information regarding our seminars, business expansion in Southeast Asia, and knowledge regarding the practice of M&A/joint ventures through the e-mail newsletter (“KCP News Letter”)


A release regarding M&A by Nishimura & Asahi Law Office of SCL LAW GROUP, which have been coordinated by us has been released through a Japanese Largest economic media.

With this acquisition, Nishimura & Asahi Law Office, the largest law firm in Japan, aims to create a system to support investment and acquisitions with a view to the entire Southeast Asia, with leading companies growing rapidly in Asia as customers. You can see the details from this Nikkei newspaper article.


Seminar "Management Strategy in Southeast Asia" with Trust Venture Partners in Myanmar.

We invited Mr. Shinsuke Goto, CEO of Trust Venture Partners, which provides comprehensive consulting supports for business expansion into Myanmar and financial advisory services, and discussed about the investment trends in Southeast Asia.


The release of a joint venture (and carve-out M&A) between Housedo and Capital Link Holdings in Thailand, which we supported and jointly invested in, has been released.

Housedo is Japanese largest platformer in real estate brokerage market for general consumers, and is aiming for 1,000 outlets in Japan and 50,000 in Asia toward the realization of the "Convenience Store for Real Estate Market" concept. They are aiming to develop a franchise of 500 stores across Thailand with Capital Link Holdings. Details can be found in the attached release text from this Nikkei newspaper article.

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