Mission and Values


Message from Mr. Takashi Kusumoto, our Managing Partner


Our business is all about to unlock clients' business potential to achieve success

"If you're not satisfied with our services, you can terminate the contract at any time." This is what we always say to clients, and this is also a testament to the confidence and prowess of the services we provide as a professional regarding business development including cross-border M&A/joint venture transactions, as well as a statement of intention that all members should tackle their work with a sense of high responsibility and professionalism, because what we will advise on is very much important to clients.


We support clients' cross-border business development through advisory service that pursues results rather than the paper-planning "strategy" that ends up with useless piles of documents.


We have top-class track record of originating and executing cross border transactions

I have been based in ASEAN and actively working on varieties of business opportunities for nearly 20 years. Since my previous position at Bank Thai (currently known as CIMB Thailand), I have been confronting with many unprecedented projects and get those done eventually, such as the very first acquisition of Japanese company by Thai company.

Obviously, due to the declining birthrate and aging population in Japan in recent years, Japanese domestic market size is shrinking and international competitiveness is decreasing as well. As a result, Japanese companies' needs to collaborate with foreign businesses, particularly in ASEAN and other Asian countries is getting stronger year by year.

Amid this macroeconomics trends, our firm have accumulated practices, know-how, and networks across Asia in under our mission to to "Unlock Business Potential across Asia".

With our head office in Bangkok, Thailand, KCP can responded to client's needs with tangible results more than 10 years since our establishment in 2010. As you can see in our Track records, we have supported many reputable clients in varieties of industries on the notable deals, from listed blue-chip companies with Billion-dollar sales to SME companies with less than 10 employees. 


We communicate with leading business owners, top-managements, governmental officers, and other professionals in their respective fields. Thus we can grasp the latest trends in each market and provide clients with practical experiences and our network to leverage their business potentials.

There is a "Success Formula" for cross-border business development

Our "Success Formula" is quite simple. It is consist of following two processes:

1) Identifying the right strategic partner

2) Conducting business development that utilizes each other's strengths through M&A and joint venture

On the other hand, the business expansion that lacks clear strategies/tactics will always fail. 

Moreover, many issues are peculiar to cross-border business transactions that must be careful.  Besides technical problems, you will be required a very delicate and polite communication in negotiation. Yet some issues should not be easily given up nor underestimated, and sometimes we should insist in appropriate ways to convey the opinion. If you are conducting negotiations with foreigners whose culture and business customs are different from you, negotiation must to be hard.


Above are the reasons why there is a space for people like us to provide values as advisors who gives you the necessary advice, along with the identifying the right partner, the subsequent advice to structure the schemes to negotiations to the closing of the deals.

"Join with a good partner" is easy to say but difficult to do.

With KCP, you can find a truly reliable business partner with our abundant experiences, a huge connection in Asia.

We do not only perform matching like brokers. As a “comrade” who works with you, we are an “advisor” who gives advice from the perspective of which company to partner with and whether it is appropriate for investment. After careful consideration, we may advise to reconsider the acquisition and alliance.


Overseas business expansion is launching "start-up" once again

I always say that "Overseas business expansion is launching start-up once again, which requires you to have strong aspiration, determination, enthusiasm, and powerful guts"

As I said, overseas business expansion is the second start-up, so it will be followed by a lot of obstacles. To succeed with half-hearted resolution? Life is not that easy.

Be open-minded, enrich your knowledge with others, and expertise. We must throw away the conventional self-reliance style and update our attitudes.

I myself spent most of my career abroad, working in the United States, the Middle East, and around the world. What I can tell you definitely is that, if you try to enter the overseas market without any collaboration with local partner, you end up with nothing. You will be losing your time, money, and most importantly, employee's royalty to your company. We must seriously create a business that gives dreams to young people in their 20s and 30s whom we can entrust future management. 

If you are considering expanding overseas or if you are having trouble with cross-border business development, please contact us.  We'll be more than happy if you can serve you to achieve your success.

Mr. Takashi Kusumoto

Managing Partner​

Kusumoto Chavalit & Partners Ltd.