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Our Mission

We Commit to Unlock Clients' Business Potential to Achieve Success

When you try to accomplish something new to the world, you have to be prepared with your Strong Aspiration, Determination, Enthusiasm, and Overwhelming Guts. This is what I always say to our people in the firm as well as to our clients.

In the process of this challenge in foreign country, you even have to tackle a series of difficulties which you wouldn't have faced in your home country. This is because what you are going to do is what your company's founders have done in the past in your country, which is to go through the very tough road of "zero to one".


So, is there a "formula for success"? Yes, there is.

It is to find a strategic local partner and to develop businesses by leveraging each other's strengths through collaboration such as M&A and joint ventures.


KCP provides comprehensive support for this process, from strategies, to the structuring of deals including partner searches, to the execution of transactions and subsequent PMI.


We are advisors who work with our clients as "comrades", advising them on which companies to partner with and on the investment decisions. In the interests of our clients, we may give you an advise which is not comfortable for you to listen. After careful consideration, we may advise you to reconsider or withdraw from an acquisition or partnership.


In order to provide the best possible advice, we adhere to a "sole mandate" policy, which ensures that there are no potential conflicts of interest in between.


All of this is to ensure that our professional ethics as advisers are based on the principle of providing advice in the client's best interests.


It is an essential management strategy in this day and age is to work with business partner and external expertise like us. You need to leave the old mentality of self-reliance strategy.


Our mission is to create a society where the next generation can have dreams by continuing the will of a past generation. That is the mission we have been given as we live today, and KCP will help realize that mission through mergers and acquisitions.

If you have any management issues or concerns about your business, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are ready to serve your challenge.

Takashi Kusumoto

Managing Partner

Kusumoto Chavalit & Partners Ltd.

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