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Partner Searching
 - Thoroughly searching for the best partner and approaching decision makers directly to close the deal.

There is only one "success formula" for overseas business.​ That is a “good partner”. There are business alliances, capital alliances, M&A/joint venture and other options. However, there are hardly any cases where companies that have made their own inroads succeeded. As a result of failure to expand business overseas, money, time, and even employee morale are lost.


Our approach is our own unique method itself.


We draw up future business plan with our client and formulate an initial hypothesis. In order for the business to come true, we will identify the functions that our company should possess as a source of competitiveness and the functions that local partners complement.


After that, we research and select the companies that can be potential partners, and create a long list/short list called “partner candidate list”.


But the list itself is just a paper. Only when we utilize our own network and directly approach the decision makers of potential partner companies, conduct competitive consultations, and coordinate negotiations, the business will start moving.


We will have an interview with the owner or top management of the target company. Therefore, we will make maximum use of our own network to support this process.


From hypothesis to ultimate realization. This is the essential value of KCP.

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