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Financial advisory
 - As professionals in financial industry, we assist your decision-making with our extensive knowledge about local practices.

Financial advisory (FA) is our core practice area, which is to provide financial advice on M&A and varieties of financial transaction. We manage the whole process, including valuation, negotiation of transaction price and other terms/conditions, and Due Diligence.


In Southeast Asia (ASEAN), there are many unique issues to be considered, such as double bookkeeping, so professional who can offer a holistic advise with understanding of local practices is indispensable.

In that regard, traditional structure and investment evaluation can lead to serious compliance risks. In addition, there are many cases where foreign company is unable to calculate a reasonable price based on the company's actual situation and ends up grabbing a high price, or where negotiations break down due to a lack of agreement on the price since each party has a different ground of calculation.

As a financial professionals, we advise clients on appropriate transaction values as well as proactively propose schemes to minimise risks and provide strong support for negotiations on various transaction terms.

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