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Standing committee

PMI(Post Merger Integration)
 - From formulating a management integration plan to dispatching officers as key management and supporting joint investment

Closing of M&A or any financial transaction is not a strategic goal, but a start of the business by the related parties.

In order to give shape to the overseas strategy that was initially envisioned, it is necessary to start PMI (Post merger integration) right after the transactions are completed. Omissions of necessary actions or malfunctioning of the monitoring system can lead to a significant delay from the very start of the business.


KCP has a wide range of experience in supporting cross-border PMI from integrating corporate cultures, strengthening systems, and realizing synergies, etc.

In some cases, we dispatch management to the client and participate in the BOD as a co-investor at the client's request.


Our primal role is to be a best advisor, but still willing to sweat together in the field and bear the risk as one of the investment partners. 

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