Our Strengths


A network that can directly approach business owners and CEOs

In all countries of Japan and Southeast Asia (ASEAN), we are building a network and local support system that can directly approach the business owners and CEOs of companies.

This enable us to take an active approach based on the strategic issues of the client as rather than taking a deal by deal approach.


Integrated approach from M&A strategy, execution to PMI

We handle M&A strategy, execution, and PMI within our inhouse team.


Our unique strength is that we provide consulting services such as strategic planning and market research, and M&A transaction execution support services as Financial Advisor.


"One industry, one company" and "Immediate termination of contract" rules 

We specialize in strategic and financial advisory services, and we do not underwrite or invest, so there are no potential or structural conflicts of interest .


In addition, when accepting unique rules of contract, which are "one company in one industry" and "immediate termination of contract", and we are thoroughly committed to always giving the best advice to each client.