Where is KCP's practice region?

We cover all countries in Southeast Asia plus Japan.

We have networks that allow us to directly approach the business owners and management teams of leading companies in Japan as well as other countries, and by utilizing the collaboration network with professionals across the region that we have established over many years, we can deal with immediately even in the event of an emergency and we are still carrying out M&A  and Joint Venture practices in each country on a daily basis.


Do your company just organize the matchmakings?

As a professional advisor, KCP's role is to assist in coordinating and maximizing stakeholders' interests. We do not only introduce nor act as a mediate.

If we see that potential transaction is not beneficial for stakeholders, we advise you to reconsider or cancel the transaction.


How is it different from other consulting firms and advisory firm?

We believe that we specialize in cross-border M&A and Joint Venture, have an notable accumulation with strong networks and practical knowledge in Southeast Asia, and have execution capabilities and pursue the results.


Any contracts with our clients would be renewed monthly, which we consider this as a statement of commitment to achieve clear results on a monthly basis.


Are there any possible conflicts of interest?

As a unique initiative, we thoroughly enforce the rules of "one industry, one company for our client" so that we can always give the best advices to them.


Tell me about the fee structure.

It consists of performance fees and monthly retainer fees.


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